Welcome to the grindstone

The fewer the better

We believe that even in the biggest organisations, the most efficient work is produced by small teams. We know that effective marketing communication doesn’t happen without tenacity, insight and personal commitment. That’s why we believe the owners of the business must also be the designers – and the primary contacts responsible to every client.

Creativity is an illusion

What you get is more than what you see

Everything we do begins with what is visible. But beneath the surface there needs to be a logical thread that ends with a consistent selling proposition. So even if the creative product may look like its fun and easy to do, there should be more than a cute image or a clever headline to support the brand. Which is why Edison famously said “success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.”

The method and the madness

There's a reason for every discipline

We live and work in and around Johannesburg, South Africa. Since 2009, when we took on our first projects for clients in various African countries, and then later in the UK, UAE and USA, we became more and more accustomed to working remotely. Today we consider ourselves quite proficient at delivering professional communication and creative services for businesses around the corner, or around the world.