At the Crossroads of logic and imagination

It’s surprising what we can achieve on a tight budget with a few computers and no social life

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As a means to navigate the world, customers are looking for authenticity. They want brands that they can believe in, at business to business as well as business to consumer levels.

We named our company Intersection because we wanted to become known as a business that operates at the crossroads of logic and imagination.

Everything we do, every day, begins with imagination. But at the core of the work we deliver, there needs to be a logical thread that leaves people with a single minded proposition: What are they going to think or do after receiving the message?

Of course this process is not unlike other creative agencies. However we strive to differentiate ourselves by taking pride in meticulous attention to detail, while delivering work that is both sensible and imaginative. In additon we to do this on time and on budget, without fail.


Audio Visual and Online Presence

Content Creation, Social Media, Video and Radio Productions as well as Websites and SEO


Identity Building collateral

Brand Strategy, Media Liaison, Identity System, Marketing Collateral as well as Graphic Design


Our commitment to communication excellence helps to support the success of our clients by promoting customer relationships based on credibility. We have the skills to deliver messaging that reinforces the connection between our clients’ brands, their unique values and their target audiences.

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Based on close to 30 years of experience in either leading or contributing to scores of brand-defining assignments for local and international clients, our skills include all aspects of strategic communication, each of which is driven by a heartfelt focus on combining relevance with creative flair.